Patient Information

Patient Information

At Carnegie Medical Centre we are constantly trying to improve and update the information available to patients on our website. Below are links to our practice information brochure and our latest information about the current team of doctors and the hours they practice.

Billing Policy

Carnegie Medical Centre is a privately billing clinic. Full payment is required at the time of consultation.

  • Existing pensioners will be bulk billed
  • Centrelink Health Care Card Holders will be billed at a reduced rate
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders will be billed at the private rates.
  • Our Tyro payment system allows rebates to be paid immediately back into your account (please note that an eftpos card with a cheque or savings account attached must be used to take advantage of this feature).
  • After hours (after 6pm on Wednesday) and Saturday morning appointments cannot be bulk billed and will incur an “after hours” surcharge.



Privately billed patients

  • Standard Consultation (23) $95.00
  • Long Consultation (36) $150.00
  • Prolonged Consultation (44) $190.00
  • Mental Health care Plan (2717) $185.00
  • Mental Health care Plan review (2712) $150.00
  • Mental Health Consultation (2713) $150.00

Existing pensioners are Bulk Billed

Health Care Card Holders are charged a reduced fee

  • Standard Consultation (23) $ 80.00
  • Long Consultation (36) $ 125.00
  • Prolonged Consultation (44) $155.00

New Patients with a valid pensioner concession card

  • Standard Consultation (23) $65.00
  • Long Consultation (36) $110.00
  • Prolonged Consultation (44) $150.00
  • Mental Health care Plan (2717) $170.00
  • Mental Health care Plan review (2712) $110.00
  • Mental Health Consultation (2713) $110.00

*please note that we have tried to keep out of pocket fees for pensioners to a minimum

After Hours Consultations

  • Standard Consultation (23) $ 105.00
  • Long Consultation (36) $ 160.00
  • Prolonged Consultation (44) $200.00

*please note prices are subject to change without notice


Ongoing Scripts and Referrals

The policy of this clinic is that an appointment must be made for repeat prescriptions and referrals.

Patients who have consulted with their Carnegie Medical Centre doctor in the last three months and cannot attend the clinic for an appointment should call our reception staff to discuss.

A fee of $20.00 for prescriptions and $30.00 for referrals may be applicable in some circumstances.


Childhood Immunisations

  • Childhood immunisations are usually booked with one of our nursing staff.
  • If you are booking an immunisation appointment for your child please mentions this to reception staff at the time of booking.
  • If your child is not an existing patient at the clinic, please your child book and appointment with the doctor first, and then with the nurse for the vaccination. This will allow the doctor to spend some private time with you and your child, and to create a medical history. Normal fees will apply.
  • For subsequent childhood immunisations, just book with the nurse – please ask our friendly receptionists. These immunisation consultations are bulk billed.
  • Catch up immunisations: the gathering of information about your child’s immunisations, and interpretations regarding catch up immunisations and to advise the AIR can sometimes be complex. There may be an out of pocket administrative fee to cover our nurses’ administrative time.


New Patients

Carnegie Medical Centre welcomes new patients.

  • If you wish to bring your medical history for us to manage, please inform the Reception team on the day of your first appointment. On your behalf, we would contact your old medical provider to arrange the transfer process.
  • Also you are welcome to download and complete the Patient Registration and Medical History forms below and bring with you on the day of appointment.

Download the New Patient Registration form »
Download the Medical History form »
Download the Patient Transfer of Information form »
Download the Practice Information Brochure »
Download the Doctors Hours Information »


Scripts and Referrals

If you require a referral to a specialist or a repeat prescription please make an appointment with your doctor.


After Hours

For after hours medical attention please call the NATIONAL HOME DOCTOR SERVICE on 13SICK (137425).


Skin consultations and procedures – Fees and Charges

We aim to provide the best quality medical care and this level of service will incur a gap (out of pocket) fee. This fee is the difference between our clinic fee and the Medicare rebate.

Consultations Fees

Skin Consultations Clinic Fee Medicare Rebate Gap fee
Simple Spot Checks (maximum 3 spots)
• Please book a standard appointment.
$95 $41.40 $53.60
Comprehensive Skin Check
• Please book a long appointment allowing time for a thorough head to toe examination.
$175 $80.10 $94.90
Follow up skin check or wound review appointments (within 6 weeks of a skin check or procedure) For Medicare eligible patients these will be bulk billed.


Procedural Fees

Procedures Clinic Fee Medicare rebate Gap fee
Punch or shave biopsy $100 $48 $51.10
Skin excision or excisional biopsy $160 – $300 $89.35 – 228.55 $70 – $80
Cyst excision $180 – $230 $105.10 – $157.25 Approx. $75
Emergency/Urgent procedures

  • Skin laceration repair
  • Incision and drainage of abscess
  • Removal of superficial foreign body
$95 – $225 $68.95 – $171.40 $50 – $105

The fees for skin procedures (surgical removal of skin lesions) can be complicated and variable due to how Medicare works. Usually, the cost of a skin procedure is partially subsidised if you are eligible for Medicare rebates. The amount paid by Medicare varies according to the location on the body, size of the excision and/or type of skin procedure, as well as the pathology result.

This means we can provide an estimated cost for a procedure, but in most cases the final out of pocket fee can only be finalised after pathology results are available. If we can’t advise the total fee at the time of performing the procedure, we will do so when your pathology results are available. This can be up to 10 days after your procedure.


Where to find us

Our clinic details can be found here.


Patient Suggestions

We welcome patient feedback or suggestions for improvement to the practice. Please call, write or use our suggestion box. If you need to discuss the matter externally contact: Health Complaints Commissioner ph: 1300 582 113 or email



More information about appointments can be found here.


Missed Appointments or Late Cancellations

  • If you fail to attend your appointment or cancel less than 2 hours before an appointment a “non attendance fee” of $50.00 may apply.
  • Please let us know asap if you are unable to attend an appointment, this will allow us to offer the time slot to another patient and may help avoid your receiving an account for non attendance.



  • Patients are responsible for following up their results.
  • Your doctor will advise when they expect your results to arrive at the practice.  You are encouraged to make a review appointment to discuss your results with your doctor.   In the event of a clinically significant result, you will be contacted as soon as possible to make a follow up appointment to discuss the results with your doctor.  Your doctor may also contact you via SMS to make a “non urgent” appointment to discuss results.
  • Some test results may be available to you over the phone by talking to our nurses. You can ring for results – 9568 5300  on weekdays between 2pm and 3pm. 
  • Results are usually available 3 days after having the test. If you have previously consented with your doctor, results maybe sent to you via SMS. Please ensure that you advise us of any change to your contact details.
  • Please note that if a child is aged over 16 years, the details of test results cannot be legally disclosed to a parent without the patient’s prior consent, and this needs to be recorded in their medical notes.



Carnegie Medical Centre complies with both State and Federal Privacy Legislation.


Email and Internet Policy and Social Media Policy


Transfer of Medical Records

If you are leaving the area or wish to regularly see another GP, we are happy to transfer your records to another clinic. Medical records are sent via registered mail and a fee of $20.00 per person or $30.00 per family will apply. This transfer fee must be paid prior to the records being released.

Please allow up to 14 days for the transfer to be complete.