STD / STI Check ups

STD / STI Check ups

It is sensible to have regular sexual health check-ups once you become sexually active and when you change sexual partners. Having a check-up is simple, quick, painless and needn’t be expensive. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss your concerns with any of our Doctors at Carnegie Medical Centre, STI (also known as STD) check-ups is your opportunity to safeguard your future health.

Common symptoms of STI’s, when present, include:

  • Itchiness around the genital area
  • A burning sensation when peeing
  • Unusual discharge
  • Pain during sex
  • Unusual bleeding eg: after sex or between periods
  • A rash, sores or small lumps on or around the genitals
  • Pain or swelling in the testicles

What to do if you are diagnosed with an STI/STD:

  • Avoid sex until the STI/STD has been treated and has gone away
  • Always use condoms if you have sex
  • Make sure your partner is checked out and cleared of infection before you have sex again

If you would like to discuss this further call Carnegie Medical Centre to make an appointment